Effective mobile ads, the importance of user experience and social media strategy tips… It’s Skimming the News!

Blogging tipsAnother week full of the latest headlines in tech, marketing, online publishing and more coming your way.

In news this week, with so much talk around it, what exactly is native advertising? Are social media marketers losing confidence? Which mobile ads work best and observations on how the native ad system is becoming brand-driven.

Spread the cheer: Earn extra with Amazon and Skimlinks this holiday season

Spread the cheer: Earn extra with Amazon and Skimlinks this holiday seasonThough it seems crazy fast, with less than 50 days away from Christmas, it’s safe to say the holidays are officially underway. You probably can guess what that means, lots of shopping!

We talked about how you can incorporate the holidays into your content strategy, but where should you turn to find those awesome items to write about?

Apple revamps mobile ads, 5 tips to realistically build a popular blog and list post tips for bloggers… It’s Skimming the News!

How to write a popular blogIt’s Friday and we’ve got another great installment of Skimming the News coming your way! This week in the news, Facebook Ads in Q3 year-over-year increase cost-per-click(CPC) and revenue, publishers and media buyers both like native ads, Android’s new feature paves way for apps replacing web, and Apple revamps mobile ads with retargeting options.

In tips this week, 5 tips to realistically build a popular blog, 6 tools to jumpstart your video content marketing, advantages and disadvantages of HTML5 tools for cross platform mobile application development, and 10 tips for writing effective lists posts for your blog. Let’s dive into the stories:

Why Facebook’s interest targeting and native ads are a natural fit, Tumblr’s growth and Content Marketing tips… It’s Skimming the News!

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It’s another happy Friday, everyone! In news, why precise interest targeting on Facebook and Native Advertising are a natural fit, a dummy’s guide to native advertising, Tumblr’s role in reversing Yahoo’s display ad decline, and why consumers don’t click on mobile ads. This week in tips, 5 suggestions for writing comments that build your blogging brand, 5 steps to creating a powerful content marketing strategy, tips for successful Facebook targeting ad campaign, and the dos and don’ts of building your brand through blogging….It’s Skimming the News!

Useful tools to help inspire great content (and make you money)

Content Creation TipsFinding inspiration for great content can be a b*tch. Here are 5 tools to help you through the process.

We work with a lot of publishers and if there’s one thing that’s become painfully obvious over the years, it’s that writing great content is not as easy as it may sound. From start to finish the whole process can be incredibly daunting, but one of the biggest challenges lies in first finding inspiration. Not only does it require choosing what topic to write about, but also understanding that topic and then being able to release a piece while it’s still relevant. This is notoriously difficult when the attention span of today’s internet users is only as long as a Vine video.